4 Questions For a Rock Solid Foundation

We have all heard the old parable from the Bible describing two different builders, one who built his house on sand and the other who built his house on a rock. If you remember the parable describes the man who built his house on the Rock as the wise man. We all want to be thought of as the wise man or woman and we all understand the basic principle of the parable which is the importance building on a strong foundation. However, I bet a large majority of you reading this have been guilty of not heeding this parable at one point or other in your professional and business life.

Several weeks ago I had the chance to listen to Michael Gerber, best selling author of The E Myth and he pointed out something I think most people, especially entrepreneurs, are guilty of at one point or other. You see the problem I am most guilty of, like most of the entrepreneurs I know, is that I come up with a great idea and away we go without a solid plan or vision. I think of a new product, a new idea, a new concept and each is like getting a new toy. I see no reason to read the instructions. I just rip it out of the package and go. I mean eventually I’ll figure it out… if I don’t break it first.

Take a moment and look at your own personal brand. Do you have a good foundation? Are you building your personal brand on sound principles? Are you moving in an organized and structured manner? Or are you just hoping everything will fall into place? Fortunately, making sure your personal brand is based on a good foundation is much easier than trying to fix the sagging foundation on a literal house. Let’s talk about the fundamentals. Do you even have a mission statement? What is it you really do? If you asked all of your employees or business associates the following questions would they all give the same answer? What is your company Dream?What is your company Vision?What is your company Purpose?What is your company Mission?

Most people don’t understand the importance of these questions. But they really are the pillars that any business or personal brand is founded on. Everything else you do hangs on these statements. The answers guide the direction you take, the decisions you make, and ultimately they will influence your ultimate success. You need to make sure that you not only have all the questions answered but that your employees, spouse, partners, and even the guy at the gas station can answer them if they are asked. Let me share MyMark’s answers with you so you can see what we mean:

MyMark Dream- Inspire individuals to monetize themselves (We want our clients to make money. Not a little. I’m talking a lot. When people ask if you’re rich I want you to be able to say that you’re airplane rich)Vision- We are the personal branding platform of choice (We are helping to change the way the world views branding. We want people to realize the days of only branding a product are gone. It’s time to brand yourself. And we are the platform and system to do it)Purpose- Empower you to make your mark (This one is pretty self explanatory)Mission- Provide the platform, Systems and Training (We want all, and I mean all of our clients to be successful. There is no reason any business or person should fail ever again because of poor branding or lackluster marketing)

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