5 tips to perk up your website design

Tips are not for someone who does not have the knowledge of the topic in question; instead tips are to make it better and the best. The positive superlative degree attached prior to any company is its privilege. We would like to endow you with that opportunity. Below are some of the tips which can make your website design looking good and more importantly, useful:

1. Give your visitors what they want, not what you want Whenever you design a website, take into consideration the fact that it will be used by a variety of visitors who have their own preferences and their own pace of reading. The flashy features like animated GIF, auto loading sound and scrolling text are not always a welcome. It might be a delightful offering on the part of owner or web designer but visitors tend to take it as a distraction or a forceful bidding.

2. No popup windows Most of the times, pop up windows prove to be irritating monsters with no useful information most of the times. If however, there is a dire need to create one, mind that it is one with some sort of information for the users. Web Design Company forgets the fact that even we, as browsers, hate to see the pop up windows appear again and again.

3. Less clicks, more revenues In today’s instantaneous age, everyone expects to get instant tea, instant coffee, instant delivery of food and therefore, instant information on a website. They no more possess the patience and time to keep clicking to reach the desired information. Splash or welcome pages on a website is a flop show. The best way to maximise your revenues is to minimise your clicks

4. Thought and content is the foundation A website without informative content is like a book with no words in it. Although it is not a part of web designing, it is still one of the most crucial things to be taken into consideration. A website is never complete without its face, its content. It is supposed to be precise yet informative.

5. Use graphic software Websites are popular because no one has time to go to market and shop. When site takes too much time to load, it is a different case all together. No one waits for that long and switches off to another page or website. To avoid all this mess, download graphic software like Gifbot, JPEG wizard, Graphic Convertor or GifCruncher. It helps in compressing the files thus making it easier to load.

I hope all these tips will be helpful for the Web Page Design Company in making a website which is user friendly as well as revenue generating.

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