7 Myspace Pick Up Tips

Using Myspace to pick up girls is easy if you have a half decent profile set up.

You need to make sure your profile doesn’t make you look like a loser before you start sending out your opening messages to hot girls!

Take a close look at the following tips to give you a good start at using Myspace to pick up girls.

1. Your profile picture is the first thing she will see. The best kind of picture you could have is one where you are photographed next to a really hot female friend. This will earn you trust with any girl.

2. Limit your photos to around 20 – 30. Create intrigue. Get more photos with really hot girls! A couple of photos where you’re cuddling a pet will show you’re sensitive. Get some interesting hobby photos and some where your in front of famous landmarks.

3. One mistake guys make is that they delete all photos of their ex girlfriends. You should keep a few of them on (don’t go over board) to show that you do indeed have ex’s. This will build trust and attraction.

4. Don’t be one of the many guys who has their relationship status set to single or open relationship! You want to create intrigue and if you show that you’re too easy for her or that you’re a player then you are making life more difficult for yourself!

5. Erase any wall posts that show you in a bad way! If you’re writing in stupid text language then delete the post. If your mate is inviting you round to play poker then delete it!

6. By far the best kind of wall post you can have is one where a hot girl is inviting you out for a friendly catch up, drink or a coffee. Do you know any hot girls who can collude with you in this?

7. Have your profile closed for random access. The girl should have to request you add her after she gets your Myspace pick up message to see your profile!

If you put in place all of the above tips, then you are probably ready to send out your first batch of Myspace Pick Up opening messages. Find some hot girls on Myspace and message them using some of our suggested Myspace Pick Up openers. Watch as the responses fly in and you will now be able to date as many hot girls as you want!


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