8 Facebook Pick Up Tips

If you’re not using Facebook to pick up hot girls then you are seriously cheating yourself out of many golden opportunities.

If your profile makes you look interesting and desirable, then Facebook pick up is easy. The following tips will show you how to do this.

1. The first thing a girl will see is your profile picture. The best kind of picture you can have is one where you are with a hot girl, a friend perhaps and she is smiling and enjoying your company.

2. The remainder of your photos should show you in a good way. Get more with hot girls. Some where you’re cuddling animals will show you are sensitive. Photos where you’re taking part in cool hobbies are very important also!

3. If you have any ex girlfriends then you should maybe show 2 or 3 photos where you’re with them. This will show that you can be trusted and that other girls find you desirable.

4. No hugging, poking or kissing! Don’t join any of the stupid groups or add any of the silly applications that Facebook offers. You should be way too busy for all of that!

5. Don’t tell the whole world that you’re going out for groceries. Who cares? You may as well just tell all the hot girls on Facebook that you don’t have a life!

6. Don’t volunteer your relationship status! If she can see that you’re single then it is obvious why you’re messaging her and you’re making it way too easy for her too!

7. Erase any rubbish wall posts from your mates asking you over to play Playstation. You need to show that you are busy and important!

8. Do you have any female friends who can collude with you in this one! For Facebook pick up, it is useful to have wall posts from hot girls asking you out for a coffee or a catch up!

If you have followed most of the tips above then you are now ready to find some hot girls on Facebook and try out our Facebook Pick Up opening messages. It all depends on the quality of your profile, not based on looks that will decide how many girls you get with Facebook Pick Up. Try it out and good luck!


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