A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Look Good Feel Good

There are different ways to look good and feel good. And as much as it is relevant to talk about inner beauty, this article discusses more on a step-by-step guide in helping you look good physically; as outside beauty is equally important as the inside.

Your Skin
Because the skin is the largest organ of the human body, it encompasses the general appearance of a person. If the skin is blotchy, rough, dry, or smooth; it can be immediately seen so keeping it healthy and glowing is important. While not all people can afford skin treatments, other natural products like lotions, oils and skin supplements are available to help people have a beautiful skin. Contrary to many beliefs, altering the natural skin color does not make any person more beautiful. It is by being literally comfortable with his or her skin.

Your Smile
A smile says a lot. It breaks down walls of fears, insecurities, animosity and the like. It also bridges friendship. A person who smiles is always found attractive; however, not with a set of bad teeth and bleedings gums. This is not an exaggeration. Each individual must know how to take care of his or her teeth as part of keeping good body hygiene. Gum infections do not only have physical setback but will also threaten ones health. Brushing the teeth regularly, dental flossing and seeing a dentist every 6 months are the simplest way of keeping an oral hygiene. On the other hand, keeping lips soft and healthy also helps you give that beautiful smile. If your lips are dry, you may apply a baking soda paste onto your lips and rinse it with warm water, dry your lips and apply petroleum jelly on it. A baking soda paste can be made by combining 1 teaspoon baking soda and ½ teaspoon water. You can do this at bed time.

Your Hair
To look good and feel good, one must also have a healthy and shiny hair. While you may consider going to a spa or a salon, putting on naturally made hair treatment oils is less expensive, safer and more effective. A healthy hair is a clean, smooth, dandruff-free and tangle-free hair.

Your weight and size
This is a way to say, “Keep a healthy diet.” You can do this by eating a complete meal 5 times daily in small quantity. Carbohydrates and healthy fatty foods are needed to keep the balance of nutrients and energy in your body.

Living a stress-free life is a key to look good and feel good. Being stress-free means learning how to manage your stress and learning to keep a positive outlook in life despite all pressures. You may take a time off from your busy schedule to attend yoga sessions or massage therapies. Otherwise, you may consider buying naturally made products that will help ease your stress and cleanse your system from any toxic chemicals acquired from your environment.


Look good and feel good in simple and easy ways.
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