A Step-by-Step Strategy to Get Your Ex Back

Agreed, being dumped by your loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences in life. Time stands still and you are at a complete loss as to what to do next. There is no pain like unrequited love and the agony of separation from your loved on seems insurmountable. You plan to get your ex back as quickly as possible and you are prepared to do all that it takes to accomplish your goals. This surely sounds familiar. With 90% success rate amongst people who try to get back their loved ones, you have high hopes of succeeding to get your ex back and hopefully, live happily ever after.

However, this is also the time when you tend to make the maximum number of mistakes and understandably so. You are desperate so you try to call your ex; you send flowers and gifts; you hang out at the café frequented by your ex, and so on. The initial confusion usually results in such actions but unfortunately they can never help you to get your ex back. In stead, take it easy, calm down and follow this step-by-step action plan which has proved to be successful with most couples – no matter what the duration of the relationship is:

– The first step, at the risk of sounding incredible, is to do the vanishing trick. This is called the No Contact program. Simply disappear from the scene, even if you feel desperate to see or contact your ex. Do not answer phone calls, reply to e mails or text messages and keep your contact address and phone number a secret, if possible. If you cannot move out of the city or town, take care not to be anywhere where you might bump into your ex. Carry on with this No Contact program for as long as possible but not long enough that your ex finally decides to settle for someone else.

– The second step to get your ex back is to get back your confidence and self-esteem both of which could have taken a beating. If and when you do bump into your ex, remain completely calm and respond if spoken to. Never appear to be curious, jealous (if you see your ex with someone else) and show any signs of resentment. The more you show that you are happily carrying on with life, chances to get your ex back increases exponentially.

– After considerable time has elapsed, you could think of answering calls, etc. If possible, call for a meeting if you are sure that your ex has not already in a secure relationship with someone else. In case this is reality, you have to forget the idea to get your ex back and move on.

– When you finally meet your ex, avoid a few things: do not start the blame game; do not express interest about the new person; do not provide any emotional support; do not bring up the past; do not plead to your ex to come back and do not make your ex feel guilty about any wrong doing. Taking care of all these issues can considerably improve your chances to get your ex back.

Why is getting your ex back so important to you? Because a good relationship is one of the most treasured of human interactions. We all want to be loved. There are the great times together, the shared dreams and visions, the mutual likes and dislikes and more. Great relationships are essential for enjoying a good quality of life. They color everything else around us.


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