African-Americans’ Early Mistrust of Obama (In The Spirit of MLK Day)

African-Americans’ early mistrust of Obama as a genuine ‘Black man’ or the Great Black Hope to lead them to the Promised Land of MLK’s Dream: culminating in the first Black man (if you ignore claims of Thomas Jefferson’s Black heritage although his contemporary and political opponent Alexander Hamilton was confirmed to be an octoroon from the British West Indies) to preside over the great U.S. of A. from the White House is based on the following circumstances….

First, Obama is not a descendant of slavery – American nor otherwise. For example, his mother’s forebears owned slaves. Heck, Obama is a distant cousin of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America. On his father’s side, Obama’s father attended Harvard to pursue a Ph.D. after abandoning his family (Obama at age 2) although he could’ve accepted a scholarship at the New School for Social Research in New York City that would have paid for his family to come with him. Before earning a Ph.D. with Harvard University, he accepted a job offer with the Kenyan government as a senior economist. In tow, Ruth Obama (Obama Sr.’s third wife – Caucasian American and a Harvard classmate – bearing him two children) accompanied him to Kenya. Bear in mind, Obama Sr. had a Kenyan wife (the first wife) at his family’s compound in his ancestral village.

Getting back on Obama’s father’s heritage, Obama Sr. was born a Muslim but he was an atheist (flirting with Marxism). Actually, the Marxist Kenyatta government wanted him to have attended Moscow University in the Soviet Union. Instead, he chose an American university. (If not, America would’ve lost a favorite son and Russia would’ve gained another PushkinJ). Now as far as slavery is concern, Obama Sr.’s forebears, as Muslims, would’ve assisted in the Slave Trade (African Muslims played a role in the Black Holocaust, too) instead of being slaves themselves. (For the sake of transparency, my mother’s mother’s mother’s [born and raised as a Sephardic Orthodox Jew of Portuguese descent residing in Jamaica, West Indies] forebears were sea traders/merchants who invested in and profited from the Slave Trade [centuries ago]. Mind you, my maternal forebears were forbidden to own slaves because Colonial Jamaica did not allow religious Jews to be slave owners).

Growing up, Obama was insulated from racism by his doting White single mother and White grandparents. He didn’t grow up with Black kids. He was one of two Black (albeit, mixed heritage) kids at his prestigious high school.

There you have it, an African-American who cannot claim a personal connection (via his family tree) to Slavery – the Black Holocaust. It would be similar to an Ashkenazi Jew not able to claim a personal connection (via a family tree) to the Nazi Concentration Camps – the Jewish Holocaust.

Let’s not forget, many African-American family trees like Obama’s family tree have ‘White’ branches. American icons like President Thomas Jefferson and Senator Strom Thurmond saw to it as ‘wild oats’ gentlemen farmersJ. As a matter of fact, Oprah Winfrey’s family tree is one of the few African-American family trees that is unblemished (no White/European forebears) as depicted on a PBS program on DNA/Black Heritage.

We could look to the Biblical/Toraic Icon Moses as a symbolism of the potential of the Black messiah (please…no angry feedbacks…I’m not equating Barack with the Christ nor the Moshiach) called Obama. Moses, a Hebrew, was nurtured in Pharaoh’s House and raised as an imperial prince. As an Egyptian prince, he received the best education that Egypt – the Superpower of the time – had to offer. Later, he led his fellow Israelites (in nature [by blood only] and not in nurture) to the Promised Land (actually, to its gates). Moses (also marrying an Ethiopian) became the living symbol/hope of a people with a heritage of slavery – the enslaved Hebrews. He became the fulfillment of the dreams of his father; the Dreams of his forebear – Joseph (not direct lineage but as a member of the Tribe).

Does the dream end there? Did the fulfillment of the Hebraic Dream stop at Moses? Is the fulfillment of the MLK Dream (in the form of Obama) stop with African – Americans?

To the contrary, Moses (not by direct lineage but as a member of the Tribe) is one of the forebears of Jesus Christ – the Jews’ Greatest Gift to the world. He is the Ultimate Fulfillment of the Hebraic Dream – extending God’s Covenant with the Israelites to the Gentiles – in the form of a New Covenant/The Gospels (Good News) taught by His Jewish Lieutenants such as: Paul and Peter. The Dream’s fulfillment preaches hope to both Jews and Gentiles, and Black and White (including non-Blacks). The Dream’s fulfillment hopes to convert all of humanity (hearing His Voice and following Him) into Spiritual Jews. The Dream’s fulfillment mercifully saves humankind from itself via Grace instead of the Law. The fulfillment of a Dream using the Hebrews, as the light of the world, to enlighten the Gentiles; culminating in the world’s introduction to a Fair and a Just God – The Christ – The Prince of Peace. The Dream’s fulfillment portrays the Love and the non-violence of the Prince of Peace. The fulfillment of a Dream that teaches that “the meek shall inherit the earth;” “if you live by the sword, you die by the sword,” and “love conquers all.” The fulfillment of a Dream that prophesized “they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

The above, folks, is the potential of MLK’s Dream just like it was for the Hebraic Dream (in its proper perspective, of course…no angry feedbacksJ) – in the form of Obama; bringing the fulfillment of MLK’s Dream and the dreams of our fathers (Black or White; Jew or Gentile). Hence, African-Americans’ early mistrust of Obama (in the spirit of MLK Day) is dissipating just in time as he meets Hillary in the South Carolina PrimaryJ.

Happy MLK Day………………..Karl!

“The great general is one who finds a way to win without fighting a single battle….” (Sun Tzu in the Art of War)

Karl A. Mitchell


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