Apply The False Nails With Health Way

Apply the false nails with health way
It can improve your overall look with a great set of perfectly long nails. There are many ways to own these attracting long nails. Some people would wait for their nails growing out their own long nails. Others like to change their nails looks often would choose the false nails which are various in the market now. And they can help people who have difficulty growing out their own nails for deterioration, too active of a lifestyle, poor nutrition.
While painting them yourself is a good way to add some colour, you won’t be able to achieve the same look you’d get in a salon yourself or add pictures and filing to quite the same degree. However spending money on a professional manicure every time you need to improve you nails would be an expensive and extravagant use of your money. It is easy to cut and shape them to the style you want at home using widely-available nail enhancement kits easily. Why not do that at home? But how?
First, choose the false nails you like. There are various types of them available in the market. False nails come in a lot of different styles, and while most brands will follow a natural nail, painted nail or French Manicure look, others will be more colourful or decorated with patterns or even piercings. Some are very fresh and funky designs such as skulls and black and white polka dots ! Very cute! And others are with elegant and sex looks for example the Flower False Nail. Besides, you can design the false nail by yourself and customize online. When you buy false nails you will also need to buy a false nail kit. These should come with everything you need to attach the nails including glue and an emery board. Alternatively you can acquire these separately, or in some cases they will come with the nails themselves.
Second, Before attaching the nails you should measure them against your own. Make sure then that you cut your nails or the fake nails as appropriate to match. Once you’ve done this you should arrange them into the order that they will be going on your fingers. False nails should preferably be the same size as your nails to begin with so that they fit like a glove. If they poke over the edge then they will be likely to break, if they don’t reach the edge then they will quickly look ‘stuck on’ instead of seamless. When applying your false nails, spread the glue onto the bottom of the false nail but don’t use too much and avoid going to close to the edges, both of which could cause the glue to escape out from the sides when you place it down. Next press the fake nail down onto the nail you want it attached to getting it as close to the cuticle as possible but without going over the cuticle which will look bad and prevent it sticking and possible dig into your nail bed. Hold the nail in place for about ten seconds to ensure it attaches firmly and then be careful with it for a while afterwards. Do the same thing with each of your nails.
Third, keep beauty & health.
In order to keep your nails bearty & health, you should take the the following tips into account.
1.Do not use artificial nails to cover an existing infection since this will only compound and delay the recovery. Work on healthy nails.
2.Children (or adults) who put their fingers in their mouth shouldnt risk artificial nails.
3.Use single use or sterilized tools only.
4.Be sure the nail is clean before adhering the fake nail.
5.Allergy test new products by doing a single nail a few days earlier.
6.If the nail comes loose, do not simply press it back on but thoroughly clean the surface with an alcohol product before reapplying.
7.Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.
The artificial nail itself doesnt cause infection. Preventing the problem is easier than resolving it once it occurs. You will find it is easy to apply them and keep our nails beauty and health. Enjoy your new nails with the tips above now.



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