Basic Weight Lifting Tips For Beginners

Weight lifting is great for many people for various reasons such as to have fun, to compete, to gain strength and to get your body in shape. For beginners you may wonder if you should start your weight lifting experience with dumbbells or machines. Read through the weight lifting tips mentioned below to help you find scientifically proven facts for each approach.

Start with free weights lifting using dumbbells or barbells if you want to develop greater balance and motor skills. This method allows your limbs to move within their natural arcs which is beneficial for your coordination skills and provides better strength development as compared to using machines.

Machines like treadmills, steppers, stationery bike, or home gyms get you locked in a fixed plane of movement so you will not get to activate the whole range of movement from accessory muscles. This is not to say that they have no benefits as they are most beneficial for beginners who have poor muscle and postural awareness as well as poor motor skills. Size gains for your muscles are relatively smaller as the method offers less stimulation to your muscles.

You can perform a variation of the same workout routine using free weight. Adjust the grip widths and bench angles for bench presses and they will allow for a more variability in one form of workout. Machines offer a limited variability in an exercise routine, compromising overall muscle development.

If you are a beginner who is concerns with safety during your solo exercise routines, the use of equipment are basically much safer than free weights. With dumbbells and free weights, it is wise to have a trainer or partner besides you to help you in case you encounter difficulty or fail to complete the routines.

Whenever you decide to use machines for your workout, take into account of leverage issues. A machine like resistance cams are designed to match the strength of an average person. Not everyone falls under the category. Therefore it is important for you to select resistance options that work for you so that you are able to use the right exercise intensity to get the desired effects without hurting yourself.

As you go for your beginner’s weight lifting session, keep in mind of these basic tips to guide you to a better health.

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