Big-eyed And Peach Lip The Most Popular Colour Makeup

Matou from the Japanese magazine cover make-up can be gleaned general trend of recent make-up. Watery eyes and moist lips abundance, is the season of beautiful women who make the ultimate pursuit.
Makeup focus: In order to achieve the effect of big eyes, you can use eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara modification to enlarge the eye ointment. Let the lips become

full, you can use lip liner first delineate the contours of the mouth, increased sense of lip lines and three-dimensional, and then use the peach colored lip gloss
with pearl.
Eye procedures

Specific Step 1: Use eye shadow brush, eye shadow pink pads, the upper eyelid in the eye and bird’s nest as eye shadow primer. Because pink eye shadow is playing background, do not paint a particularly deep, but the area must be large.
Specific Step 2: picks up pink eye shadow, eye near the bend in the eyes painted, slightly pink color than the backing of some strong, but not so much the scope of

graffiti. In order to achieve the effect of enlarge eye, should use different colors of eye shadow superposition method, make the eye appears more have administrative
levels feeling, therefore to draw two layers of eye shadow.
Concrete steps 3: to paint with brown eye shadow eye shadow to enhance the three-dimensional eye. Draw the eye when the head and eye shadow under the eye shadow at the true to be treated differently, not so much eye-head at eye shadow, or some exaggerated eye makeup look, the makeup will look very strong.
Specific Step 4: delineate the upper and lower eyeliner with black eyeliner. To let an eye look big and bright, black eyes the yellow race to use black eyeliner, can
increase the eye contour line feeling.


Specific steps: Use pink blush, lightly beat the way to circular motion at the cheekbones. Blush play, in order to highlight the full effect of the lips, blush is best labeled oval.

Specific steps: First color lip liners close to delineate the contours of the lips, and then painted with pearlescent peach color lip gloss. Delineate the lips with lip liner first, to highlight the contours of the lines of the mouth, increasing lip fullness feeling.
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