Don’t Bother Putting On Weight

You’ve been through the test if you have lost pounds. Now you know you can do it, and you probably feel great about your accomplishment. The next step that you’ll need to take is this – Don’t bother putting on weight! You don’t want to be overweight, and you surely want to stay healthy!

How to keep the weight off

There’s no doubt that you will face food temptations as almost all people do, but you can say NO! just as you did when you were on your weight loss program. Think about how great it feels to be thin and at your healthy weight. When you remember that, you won’t want to go back to your old weight for anything in the world!

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that going off your vitamin supplements or acai won’t matter because it will! If you are one of the many people with weak will power, one day off your eating plan may very well lead to a week or months, and you could soon find yourself 10 or 20 pounds heavier.

Staying slim for life

Keeping the weight off is a lifelong commitment. You can still have some treats without blowing the entire diet. There is food that is very delicious that you are allowed to have in moderation, so you will never feel deprived. Focus on your desire to stay slim when you are tempted to go off the bandwagon. Once you begin a cycle of overeating, it could take a long while to get back in the groove of healthy eating.

Don’t worry or panic if you regress back to your old way of eating. Simply begin your healthy diet again. If you eat too many calories in one meal, eat less the next meal or the next day. Allow yourself one treat once or twice a week, but if you have trouble stopping with one cookie, then it’s best not to start at all. Unfortunately, some of the things that you love best may be the worst thing for you. If you gain pounds easily, then don’t bother putting on weight!

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