Drawing Eye Liner

To make eyes look beautiful and have the spirit, in addition to rely eye shadow, mascara’s help, but often can also use the modified liner, so that both eyes more dimension.
Beginner paint is best to use the female eye liner pencil, and should use a soft pencil refills for MAC Cosmetics, because easy to master, more color, just choose close eye color, eye type along the outline, we can express the natural eye charm. Eyeliner can make the liner more durable, and easy to fall off. Want to make clear the lines of the eye, can be liquid line pen. In order to make eyeliner even, should use the sponge tip is not split-type cartridge type or rubber, etc. are used to adjust the thickness can then use eyeliner. In addition, MAC Cosmetics Outlet eyeliner because of better adhesion, but also for women with advanced lachrymal gland.
Lash line, may wish to live in the right hand little finger first letter arrived at the fixed face, the mirror position to be slightly lower than the eyes, draw the eye when looking down to raise and lower jaw; draw the liner, the need to face the mirror and parallel to, chin down, eyes looking up, so more convenient description. Outline the purpose of eyeliner is to make the eye more bright and clear outline, and can alter the shape of the eye.
Eye liner all drawn as follows:

Basic painting: the first starting from the eye, close down the growth of eyelashes and makes a draw a line at a width of 0.1-0.2 cm, slightly up to end of eye Alice quinoa.
Eyelid painting: painted along the lashes gently and makes the upper and lower eyelids, described by the forward end of eye to eye from the first 1 / 3 position.
Single fold of the painting: single fold down the general eye liner is best not to have a small painting, so as not to make the eyes look smaller, you can only move forward from the end of the lower lid, draw, draw the eye to the length of 1 / 3 or 1 / 2 to .
Two persons from drawing near: the lash line, pen point than rely on the eye after the head a little more, but the front should be fine eye liner, draw to the end of eye, gradually became thicker, because the eyes usually close to the eyebrows from the distance Recently, it must draw fine point eye liner.
Eyes wide apart by the painting: Two eyes distance, the pen point shall be slightly beyond eye head office, and slightly bent downward, then along eyelash edge to eye end, and slightly up, but not drawn too long.
Drooping eye painting: To make eyes look to the upturned eyes of the central painting on the liner from the beginning to the end of eye to bend a little more. Look below brushwork and look line the same.
Rise in the eyes of the painting: to make eyes look down some of the upper eyelid eyeliner down the natural depiction of the lower lid with the Eye eyeliner natural drawing, painting should be done to end of eye level at the end.

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