ESCA Makeup Mirror

ESCA Makeup Mirror

Having the right tools is vital to performing any task, and performing it well. You need the right makeup fashion, brushes, skill and yes, a decent mirror. It may seem like a small thing but a good mirror will help you pinpoint the little areas that require attention. And that can mean the difference between ordinary makeup application and great makeup application.

The Benefits

Little distortion
Easy tweezing and plucking
Expert blending
Covering blemishes

There are different kinds of makeup mirrors available depending on your needs and wants.

Double Sided Mirror

The double sided mirror lets you get up close and personal with your face. You would be able to see minute hair and pores as one side magnifies the reflection a number of times for precise detail work and the other is an ordinary reflection. The mirror is a free standing one for use on your table top, which means you can keep your hands free for your makeup application.

Wall Mount Mirror

This one is pure genius! I love the fact that you can just mount this anywhere at home or in the office with little effort for easy viewing and touch ups.

Travel Mirror

These are fabulous for applying makeup fashion on the go. One type folds away neatly in your bag for easy transport. Another option is lighted for times when you have poor illumination and yet another is a heart shaped compact which is perfect for teenagers and those young at heart.

Floor Mirror

This works quite well if you don’t have the luxury of sitting while doing your makeup fashion application or if standing is your personal preference. It tilts and allows you to get close while still giving you the option to flip it for a magnified view.

Suction Cup Mirror

Don’t you love it when manufacturers produce products with you in mind? This suction cup mirror is cool, not only because you can stick it anywhere you please but also because it provides magnification for getting the small jobs done well.

Mirror with Rest

This fabulous hand mirror has a small plastic guard along the edge and is double sided for regular and magnified views. The guard enables the mirror to rest on its side and this in turn frees up your hands for a quick makeup application.

With so many types of mirrors available, detail work would be a snap! With such great tools to assist you in your beauty routine, you’ll be dazzling in no time.

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