Eyes Makeup: How to Makeup Big Eyes

Eyes Makeup: How to Makeup Big Eyes

Big is beautiful. Doe-like eyes have been the epitome of the perfect eye shape for many years due to the attention they draw and the innocent look they have. It is possible though to have eyes that are both big and bulging, which can overpower the other facial features in makeup fashion. There is beauty in balance so the best thing is to counteract the natural protrusion of bulging eyes with makeup techniques.

For bulging eyes, your aim is to decrease the curvature of the eyeballs appearance. First you should consider choosing the right products. The eyeshadow shades should be matte and on the darker side of the spectrum. Forget metallic or shimmery shades as these would only draw unwanted focus to protruding eyes.

Shaping the Eye

Apply a dark brown shade all over the mobile eyelid, not passing the crease. Use patting motions so that the colour payoff is better. Continue patting on the colour until the colour is intensified to your liking.

If you like, you can choose a navy or black eyeshadow colour and place it on the outer third of the eye. Blend into the dark brown eyeshadow well.

Make sure you do not curve the eyeshadow at the outer edge of the eye into the existing shape of the eyeball as this would only add to the roundness of the look of the eye. Take a clean fluffy brush and blend out the harsh lines at the edges.

Choose a taupe colour and sweep across the fixed eyelid area.

Blend the two colours so that they become a gradient.

Defining the Eye

Apply the dark brown shadow on the lower outer lash line, smudging downwards slightly.

With black eyeliner, smudge a thick line on the waterline. Ensure that the eyeliner is applied to the inner lachrymal area as well during makeup fashion.

Blink hard so that the extra black eyeliner is smudged onto the upper inner lash line. This defines the eye some more.

Apply a somewhat thick line on the upper lash line. Join the lines on the lower and upper lash lines.

Smudge this up into the dark brown eyeshadow with a clean brush.

Framing the Eye

Curl lashes with an eyelash curler.

Apply two coats of thickening mascara in makeup fashion to the upper and lower lashes. Wiggle the wand at the roots of the lashes so the thickness looks the most natural.

Your eyes are now in soft focus and you can continue to makeup the rest of the face keeping the features in harmony.

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