Foundation Garments Are an Important Tool When Losing Weight

Foundation garments can give you the illusion of having lost up to two sizes, and very early on in my weight-loss efforts, I started wearing them daily. At first, I wore them just to give myself a psychological boost. I would look in the mirror and instantly I felt better about myself. That alone gave me added incentive to keep going.

But in retrospect, I feel I received an even greater benefit from wearing snug foundation garments-something unexpected. I’ll explain. As I lost weight, and my tummy shrunk (you will remember, I mentioned this was my biggest problem area), I prepared myself for the inevitability of ending up with an ugly, loose, sagging stomach. An “apron,” I’ve heard it called. And I was willing to live with that in order to get rid of all that unhealthy belly fat.

Well, the weight came off and I watched and waited for it to happen, but it didn’t! Oh sure, my tummy was a little soft, and if I wore the wrong jeans, I could work up a “muffin top,” but given my age, (I’m a Baby-Boomer) I was thrilled.

I thought about what I’d read about liposuction (for the tummy area). After the procedure, the patient is fitted with a tight-fitting compression garment to wear during the healing period. Was what I did with foundation garments so different? I thought to myself. My body was performing the surgical procedure, burning off the fat, and the body shapers were holding everything in the right place as that happened. I came away thinking there might be something to this. If you are at the beginning of your own weight-loss efforts, I highly recommend the use of well-fitted foundation garments.

What kind did I wear? When I was a plus-size gal, I bought Cacique® brand. The fit was great and they were comfortable enough to wear all day without rolling or bunching. Once I got below my first goal weight, I made the switch to “Spanks” and “Assets.”

Excerpted from the book, “Thinking Skinny” by Nadia Giordana. Nadia Giordana went from weighing 215 pounds to 127, losing 88 pounds in a period of 14 months. To meet her goal, she used a combination of healthier eating, calorie reduction, creative focused visualizations, and a daily dialog with God as her primary tools. In her words, “If you can envision the body you want, you can embody that vision; and it isn’t the individual diet plan you choose that matters most, it’s the method you use with it.” More information about Nadia’s new book can be found at


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