Foundations – Determining the Problem

A major thing that most homeowners do not know is how to tell what is causing their foundation or slab to crack, or maybe sink. It is hard to know how bad the problem is too on your own, and calling in a slab expert to access the problem is the first step in getting your foundation fixed. Most of the professionals will offer a free estimate and will be able to tell you the time frame of fixing the problem, and what exactly needs to be done to fix the problem. Concrete and other forms of slabs and foundations can be tricky to fix at times, and other times it could be a very simple fix.

The main way a company will be able to figure out the problem of your foundation is by taking elevation readings from the inside of your home, and from the outside of your home. Elevation readings will tell you where the problem lies, and what area is in question and causing the problem. A company will call this entire process a foundation assessment and the elevation levels originally taken will be compared to your home’s structural indicators. The process sounds complicated, but in reality, it is very easy for the assessor to complete. This process is completely free of charge and a company will keep you informed about any costs that might occur, or if your foundation needs repairing, a price will be told upfront before the repair process begins.

After the foundation assessment, which typically takes an hour, the damages will be assessed, if there are any at all, and then the person who came up with the results will tell you what’s wrong, and then communicate to his or her company and gather up estimates. Anyone sent out to give you a foundation assessment is very experienced in assessing your problem, but you will not see an engineer until the work has been ordered. You should feel confident that you are dealing with knowledgeable professionals during the entire process.

When the account manager is done with his assessment and has figured out how much the repairs will cost, and what exactly needs to be done, a written estimate will be given to you. This will let you know the time frames of the repairs, and will also inform you on how much each part of the process will cost. All the work that will be done is back by a warranty and guarantee, so in the future if you have any problems with your slab or foundation again, you will get it fixed very quickly, and for free.

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