Golf Putting Basics to Become a Putting Master

The golf putting game can easily account for 50 percent or more of your golf score. Here are some quick putting basics tips and practice drills to help become a putting master on the green!

Golf Putting Basics – Setup and Execution

Follow these golf putting basics tips on the range and even on the course to set up properly for your driver tee shots every time.

1.Key to putting basics setup is comfort over the ball, light grip tension and no breakdown in stroke.
2.Use steady, pendulum-like tempo and accelerate through follow-through.
3.Keep lower body “quiet” throughout putting stroke.
4.Ensure that eyes are directly over ball.

Golf Putting Basics – Putting Drills

To help you ingrain the proper putting stroke, distance control and accuracy, here are several recommended putting basics drills used by top PGA teaching pros.

Speed Control: Putting Ladder Drill

1.Place line of tees at regular intervals up to cup.
2.Putt to first tee, then putt to each subsequent tee.
3.If putt too far or short of target, start over.

Speed Control: Leapfrong Drill

1.Place coins at 10 and 20 foot locations on green.
2.Hit first putt to 10 foot coin.
3.Hit each subsequent putt further than previous putt but not past 20 foot coin.

Accuracy: Putting Circle Drill

1.Set up 8 balls in circle around hole—start with 3 foot putts.
2.If all putts are made, move balls further out and repeat drill.
3.If a putt is missed, start over.

Distance Control: “Feel” Drill

1.Perform drill on putting green with 15 balls.
2.Initiate drill with 30 foot putts, then shorter, longer, uphill and downhill putts.
3.Identify target line and set up for putting stroke.  Then, turn head and look at the target.
4.Execute putt while looking at target throughout stroke ensuring good putting form.
5.Conducts feel drill for each target. Transfer feel to normal putting stroke (eyes over ball).
6.Pre-round, conduct drill for 5 to 10 minutes to “set the feel” of a particular course’s putting greens.

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