Golfers Mind – Where You Put Your Focus Increases the Likely-Hood of it Occurring, Good Or Bad

It’s true that what we focus on with our thoughts we get more of. That’s why people who think they are unlucky can’t understand why they keep getting more of it. They are so focused on these negative events they create the circumstances that make the likelihood of them happening even more.

You could also go down the universal law of attraction theory if you prefer, but if you believe in that then I don’t need to convince you that you get what you think about.

You are going to be on the golf course the way you are off it. Is the glass half full or half empty for you in life in general? You do need to be entirely honest with yourself here because if you think you may be more negatively oriented (glass half empty) then you are going to be more negatively oriented in your thoughts around the golf course.

Lets take an example:

Ball comes to rest in the middle of the fairway, BUT, in an old divot.

Glass half empty.”Oh man what kind of luck is this? (bad) I don’t deserve this, it’s unfair! Now I’ve got a really tough shot that will probably go horrible wrong, and I won’t get to the green now!”

Glass half full.”Well, you just have to love this game! Oh well, this is the way it is and there is no reason why I can’t play a great shot from here. I will just focus on hitting positively down on the ball after I go through my usual routine and then I am going to feel really great when I play a great shot from this position. I love these challenging shots!”

Who do you want to back to pull this shot off? Do you think that the glass half empty golfer is going to play the shot confidently and be holding positive images and feelings of a good shot? Most definitely not.

For the glass half full golfer, the shot is pretty much doomed and the chances of it being bad are greatly enhanced by internal imaging and attitude. When the shot does go wrong this will be used as “proof” of how unjust everything is and how unlucky this golfer is.

The glass half full golfer will be making positive internal representations of the shot he/she wants, greatly enhancing the chances of success. In addition the golfer will be in a confident and happily challenged frame of mind further enhancing the chances of success. When the shot is good their confidence in their own ability to play challenging situations will increase.

On the other hand if the shot is poor then the glass half full person is still going to win because they werefaced with a tricky situation and they had the right attitude. They accept that golf is all it’s parts including the bad bounces, old divots and a spike mark or two. They can walk away without their self esteem being battered. The event does not reinforce how “Unlucky” they are unlike the glass half empty person.

Discover who you are more prone to be and if you are glass half empty, resolve to become a positive glass FULL person. It will not only make a difference in your golf but your life too.

If this article has been of interest to you, you can find out more on the mental side of golf and how it can dramatically improve your game when you apply some easy techniques by going to my website at Self image re-programming – changing yourself to glass FULL – can be done through good mental game programs.


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