How Makeup Causes Wrinkles and What to Do to Prevent Them

 It is not just about toning and moisturizing either, it’s also about cleansing. You should always keep your skin clean and free from any products that can possibly cause skin problems. It is essential to remove your makeup with a makeup remover before going to bed for this may cause skin blemishes. You might be wondering how makeup causes wrinkles, well then, let me tell you how it happens.

This is applicable to liquid foundations only for powdered makeup will not cause facial problems as often. Ingredients used in these liquid foundations are big contributing factors in wrinkle formation. Some products have different kinds of compounds that are too dense for the skin to absorb.

Some can block the pores that will stop the skin from absorbing it. Blocking the skin’s pores so it can’t breathe eventually leads to formation of blemishes. When blemishes are formed, there will be a skin inflammation underneath the skin and will then break the collagen.  When this happens the end result will be a loss of collagen in the skin. The loss of collagen will then trigger the formation of wrinkles. So instead of using products with mineral oil, look for products with healthier oils like jojoba oil, grape seed oil or avocado oil.  Using these oils on your skin you can expect better and healthier results.

Another way on how makeup causes wrinkles is by putting on makeup with sunscreens in them. Sunscreens may or may not help you protect yourself under the harmful sun. It is still not clear if these are effective sunscreens but it is said that these are not capable in releasing melanin. However, if you still want to use sunscreen foundations, those that contain Zinc oxide and Titanium oxide are the most recommended.

It is essential to know how makeup causes wrinkles and how to prevent this from happening. But the bottom line is, you should always clean your face to remove the makeup and use a cleanser that contains natural ingredients for healthier results.

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