How to Apply Acne Care and Avoid Permanent Skin Damage With Scarring

Having growing up suffering from acne it is an embarrassment to go out and meet people and thus we should take acne care seriously. If you are a student and going to school your friends can make fun of you, if you are going to a night club you might not be confidently pickup your dream date. Acne can damage a person physically, emotionally and mentally. However there are many things we could do to keep acne under control and hence boosting our self esteem.

Acne can be classified into three different subgroups; mild, moderate and severe. If you are facing an acne problem it is best that you seek an immediate treatment as prolonging it will only take you to a more severe level which can cause very bad permanent scars. There are different treatments for each of this group and hence you need to identify which groups you belongs to before you go out and seek acne care treatment.

You are well within your right to seek for professional help such as a dermatologist if you feel that you acne is getting worse; they may advice you to take ro-accutane if your problem is severe. However if you suffer from a mild acne your first step should be keeping your facial skin clean and free from oil. You can try to use warm water and soap to clean your face twice daily. The next step is to try some of the over the counter products, as there are lots of different acne products out there I have included a link that can assist you in choosing the right product for you skin type. In general when buying over the counter product look for products that has a good amount of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These two substances are the golden key to keeping acne away from you. Always try to use one product at a time as this will allow you to monitor the progress of the treatment, if the product does not seem to work then your skin may not be suited for this particular product. But don’t give up keep trying with other products until you find one that work for you. Because everyone skin is different so the outcome can be different on the various individuals.

You will know that you have moderate acne when almost half of your face is cover in acne. Continue to keep your face clean by cleaning your face with warm water, but also seek for immediate help from a dermatologist as they can assist you in keeping the acne under control. Acne cannot be cure straight away but it can be treated by using a combination of therapies such as extraction or light therapy and the use of retinoid cream. The professional might also advice you to take oral treatment as well such as oral contraceptives. At this stage if proper acne care is not taken then you can end with permanent scars which can be easily avoided

When acne is becoming severe it will be visually obvious on an individual and this can have devastating effects on your life. Pimples and zits will appear to be big, inflame and oily. At this stage the face would suffer from scarring and skin damages, a person can feel awfully depress with great feeling of sadness. Even though it’s really bad at this stage you still should get help for treatment. Dermatologist will try to use a combination of heavy treatments to keep acne down. Oral antibiotics and ro-accutane will be suggested at this stage and as well as drainage techniques and surgical incision is recommended.

Never let yourself to get to a severe stage as it is more difficult to treat at this stage. Be aware, be inform and knows that there are lots of treatment out there you can seek for. You need to have patient when going for acne treatment as some of the treatment normally takes 6 to 8 weeks to see the result. Remember to always ensure that you follow your doctor’s advice and follow their instructions.

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