How to Apply Eyeliner and Mascara

How to Apply Eyeliner and Mascara

Throughout history the eyes have been the main feature highlighted in the face. Since the trend reached a new home in the western hemisphere, no woman can get enough of eyeliner and mascara. The women from Asia and Egypt knew it long before and now the rest of us have become hooked.

There are many ways to apply eyeliner and mascara during makeup fashion. When you have chosen your product preference, you can utilise a few tactics for a flawless application.


First thing you should do is curl or straighten out your lashes. If your lashes are straight, curl them. If they are tightly curled, relax them a little bit with a heated eyelash curler.
Curling lashes should be done in three parts. Curl first close to the base of the lashes. Hold for five seconds. Move the curler to the middle of the lashes and hold again. Repeat the curling process in makeup fashion close to the tips of the lashes. This ensures there is a full natural looking curl to the lashes and not just a weird crimp.
Use a free standing face mirror and look slightly downwards at your reflection. If you use a magnifying mirror, you’ll be better able to really focus on your lash line. When you look at your lashes from an angle instead of straight on you see from the roots to the tips.
Open the mascara and deposit enough product onto the wand by twirling it inside the tube. Forget the pumping action that many women use. This only dries out the mascara by trapping air inside the container.
Hold the mascara wand firmly against the base of the lashes.
Wiggle it gently from side to side all along the base of the entire lash line. This gives the thickness provided by the mascara a more believable finish.
Before applying mascara to the length of the lashes, place an eyelash applicator behind the lashes. This will prevent dots of mascara from smudging onto your eyelid and messing up your eyeshadow. This is especially important as mascara is the last eye makeup product to be applied.
Pull the wand along the length of the lashes, being careful to fan them out in their natural direction.
For the lower lashes, the smaller the wand, the better. You do not want to overload these smaller lashes with too much product or else they clump together and/or make dark streaks under the eyes.
Wipe off excess mascara from the wand.
Gently touch the wand against the lower lashes. Repeat until you get the desired effect. Ideally you would want to avoid pulling the mascara along the length of the lashes here so that you don’t accidentally touch the wand to your skin.

Brown vs black vs clear mascara

If you’re not sure what colour mascara to use, look at your hair colour. If you’re a pale blonde or redhead, dark brown would look most natural, while still providing enough definition. Otherwise, use black, especially for night time makeup. You can use clear mascara for the no-makeup fashion look and to groom your eyebrows.


Use an eyeliner pencil with a soft point to mark in between your lashes. Do this before your mascara so the line looks the most natural.

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