How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a perfect way to highlight a woman’s eyes. It can make your eyes look bigger and your lashes thicker. Although many persons may hesitate to try liquid eyeliner, to me, it is the easiest way to get a truly fluid line and even add drama to the look with winged edges. It takes some patience and practice but the result is spectacular.

Application Tips

The best eyeliner brush to use is a bent one. This provides better control of the application because you do not have to twist your arm in any awkward way. Substitutes would include a straight eyeliner brush or a stiff angled brush or the felt tip wands that usually come with the tube of liquid eyeliner. Make sure that tip of the brushes is very thin so that you have option to create very thin lines and thicken the lines as needed.

When applying the eyeliner during makeup fashion, it helps to pull the skin at the corner of your eye gently with your ring finger. This evens out the texture of the skin at the lash line so that you would have no trouble manoeuvring the eyeliner around natural creases in the skin.

Avoid putting liquid eyeliner on your lower lash line. It is too heavy for the bottom lids and this way the formula can easily get into the eyes.

Apply liquid eyeliner after you’ve applied your eyeshadow so that it would last longer. If you’re not wearing any eyeshadow, use it over pencil eyeliner to increase durability as well as to intensify the colour. The pencil markings will also serve as a template so that the liquid application is that much easier.

Drawing one fluid line might be difficult for those who are beginners or have unsteady hands. Draw dashes instead along the length of the lash line in makeup fashion, then connect them later with alternate dabs of eyeliner.

If you find your hands shake too much during the process, prop your elbows on a stable table and apply the eyeliner slowly.

To make cat eyeliner in makeup fashion, that is eyeliner that is winged out at the end, apply your liquid eyeliner as usual but extend the line a little way past the outer corner of your eye. Make a straight line that is almost perpendicular to the lash line. Connect the line to the previous eyeliner so that it makes a triangle at the outer corner. Fill in the triangle for a dramatic look.

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