How to Apply Screen Protectors

The thought of applying a screen protector can bring shivers to any man’s spine, but the key to fitting a screen protector to your mobile is to remain calm, after all shaky hands may ultimately result in a wonky screen protector. You only get one shot at fitting a screen protector and the last thing you want is dust trapped between your screen, or it appearing wonky, that said fitting a screen protector is relatively easy once you know how.

There are 5 vital things you will need to be able to fit a screen protector effectively, a good quality screen protector, a soft or microfiber cloth, a credit card or similar, at least 10 minutes and plenty of patience!

The main aspect to go wrong when fitting a screen protector is getting dust trapped between the screen protector and phone. If you want to take fitting your screen protesctor to the extreme and ensure that there is the minimum amount of dust around as possible, run a hot shower and fill the bathroom with steam, wait a few minutes for it to clear and begin the process of fitting your screen protector in the bathroom. Alternatively simply make sure you’re not in an industrial area or anywhere where dust is likely to be rife.

Firstly use your microfiber or soft cloth to remove any dirt or dust from your phones screen and then place the cloth over your phone to avoid any further dust landing on it. Remove your screen protector from the packaging and remove the cover to reveal the adhesive film. At this point you will want to keep the adhesive side of your screen protector pointing to the ground as it is less likely to collect dust.

Take the cloth from the phone and position the screen protector in place, you may wish to lay it over the phone starting at the bottom and working your way to the top to avoid the majority of air bubbles. Once it is in place use your credit card to gently rub over the screen protector and work and remaining bubbles out.

To make removing bubbles easier you may wish to apply a very small amount of soapy water to the phone screen before beginning to apply your screen protector – but beware not to use too much as you do not want to drown your phone!

One of the keys to making this process easy is purchasing a good screen protector; take a look at the vast range of high quality screen protectors available from Universal Gadgets including iPhone screen protectorsand HTC screen protectors.

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