How to Become a MAC Makeup Artist

How to Become a MAC Makeup Artist

One of the world’s most popular brands of makeup fashion is Makeup Art Cosmetics, or MAC Cosmetics as it is more commonly known. This company is owned by Estee Lauder but has a totally separate image from its parent company. It promotes itself as a hip and dynamic, current yet forward thinking makeup artist haven. Many professional makeup artist kits are home to products from this cosmetic line and even many makeup enthusiasts, young and old alike, dream of becoming a MAC makeup artist.

The prestige of this position has to do with career development, skill enhancement and easy acquisition to new and existing products. MAC prides itself on its provision of periodic intensive training for its staff in a fun and comfortable environment. Once you prove yourself as passionate and a quick learner, there are always more opportunities to move up within the company and the industry. In fact, once your resume can boast of a MAC position, you are deemed a more favourable candidate for other makeup artist jobs, whether they are freelance or within other companies.

So exactly how do you become a MAC makeup fashion artist? Well, the road is not always a straight forward one and it may take several tries before you are offered a permanent position. However, there are a few tips that can assist you to land your dream makeup job.

You should already have some working knowledge base of the company, its products and what it stands for. Just as equally important are skills in applying makeup to different skin tones and types. Even though once you’ve been hired the company would send you to more intensive training by professionals in the business, it is hardly likely that it would hire you if you have less than moderate skills.

1. Find a photographer, a stylist and a range of models to present a professional portfolio. Some of the best of these to find are those that are just starting off themselves in the business. They would be skilful and eager to help you as they would be building their own portfolios at the same time.

2. Practise doing makeup fashion on as many people as you can, preferably using as many of the MAC products that you can get your hands on. This way you do not only become intimately familiar with the products and their uses but you also become more comfortable with dealing with a wide range of skin tones and types. Send out flyers at malls and on online social media networks to get an adequate response.

3. Take pictures of everyone you do makeup for. Even if you do not have a photographer and stylist with you for every appointment, always walk with your digital camera and fashion magazines. The camera should take out the before and after shots and the magazines would help you set up appropriate poses.

4. Get your pictures professionally developed in 9 by 12″ or 11 by 14″ sizes. Put them all in a binder that has plastic protectors to secure your work.

5. Work on creating a video tutorial also. Narrate every step you take on your model and explain why. Get the video edited professionally so that the quality is high.

6. Submit your resume, portfolio and video to the nearest MAC store or counter in your area. Do not just leave it there and trust that it would reach the right hands. Request a personal audience with the manager to go through your portfolio and enquire how soon you would be able to be interviewed for a position.

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