How To Cover Up A Cold Sore Without Liquid Foundation? – Best Cold Sore Tips And Tricks

I developed a cold sore yesterday, and since I’ve never had one before I don’t have any ointment or cremes. I also don’t have any liquid foundation so I can’t cover it up that way. So I need a way to get rid of it overnight or to cover it up in the morning. How To Cover Up A Cold Sore Without Liquid Foundation ? Any ideas?

If you also have this concerned then here are some few tips that might help you out to treat your cold sore . Attempting to cover it up can result in spreading the infection. If you touch a makeup brush or concealer stick or even your hand to the cold sore and touch the other side of your mouth it can spread and get worse. Also trying to cover it up can make it look worse. I would leave it alone. I swear by abreva. It’s a tiny tube that lasts a very long time. It’s about $ 17. I used it when I felt a cold sore coming to the surface and it went away in 2 days without turning ugly. That stuff is amazing. Highly recommend it.

Pour on ear swab and apply to effected area, when you noticed that your cold sore turns white instantly this means it’s working. The bacteria have no choice but to dry out, letting your effected area to come back to normal. FAST. No joke. Most dermatologist products contain peroxide any way.
Brown bottle cheap, safe and you can find it at any drug store. Well anyways. Cold sores are a pain in the ass you know what. And just relax everything will be alright.

Here’s something that worked for me.

I bought a tube of carmex. And it treats cold sores as well. It doesn’t work as well as when it hasn’t really formed yet, when its forming it feels really dry. So when I feel one forming i PILE on the carmex like mad. And every night before I went to bed id use a crap load of carmex and id wake up with beautiful healthy pink lips

But… we aren’t BORN with cold sores. I learned they are passed around so when someone kisses you with a cold sore you’re pretty much screwed. You have them for the rest of your life… sorry. But there are loads of over the counter stuff like I heard Lactine Pills are miracle workers like. When you feel one forming take the pills as directed and WAA LAA. You don’t need to be prescribed to get them either. Ask the pharmacist because they refrigerate them and i have never seen a frige in the medicine aisle.

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