How To Design Your Pool Like A Professional

Building a swimming pool is a big investment, so you want to make sure you do it right. A pool that beckons you into it all year round relies upon a great design, so we’ve put together a list of some of the tools of the trade professional designers use to make a pool pop and three great pool designs to get you started.

The Tools Professionals Use:

Think outside the square when it comes to pool designs, and don’t model it on a pool your friend has. Sure every pool needs tiles, water, a fence and a pool pump, but great pools experiment with new ideas. For example, when you’re considering the hard surface of your pool (usually tiles) why not invest in a mosaic inspired mural, rather then the basic blue tile? Give your pool an enduring Aztec aesthetic with a tribal pattern, or a geometric funkiness with a black and white pattern at the base level.

Professional designers know it’s not just about the pool too, by installing a strategic lights around your pool, you can get more value out of your investment both as a night time activity, but also as a beautiful backdrop for entertaining. All you need is a great pool cleaner and you’ve got a gorgeous garden feature all day and all year round.

But the number one tip that outdoor designers will tell you is to have a vision for the pool space. Consider what plants, and pool accessories like deck chairs will perfect your pool, but more importantly, consider the style of your pool from the beginning.

Here are three great starting points for your pool vision:

Pool Vision One: The Island Resort Pool.

Think bright blue water nestling in light coloured stone, with lush dark green plants hanging over and providing shade on those hot summer days. Imagine deck chairs draped with white towels, and the luxurious calm approaching your pool will fill you with.

Google some deluxe Island locations and check out their pools for tips – your pool doesn’t need to take up several blocks, but you can create the same holiday feel at home. And if you invest in a great pool pump and cleaning tools, it won’t take much to keep it flawless. All you need to do now is get your hubby into cocktail making lessons!

Pool Vision Two: The Sleek and Elegant Pool

Imagine dark tiles, smooth surfaces, light stone and manicured gardens. Just like those pools you see on renovation shoes on television, your pool can be the epitome of class by utilizing light and dark contrast around the smooth water. The serenity of the simple yet stunning design will create the perfect escape after a busy day in the daylight savings hours of summer.

Pool Vision Three: The Perfect Family Pool

If you’ve got kids, you’ll probably want a pool that is safe, and fun for all ages. Investing in textured surfaces to prevent slipping, in a strong fence and in deck chairs for you to read or work in while your offspring frolic are definitely on your list.

We’d also recommend plants around the pool, to provide shade for you and your family to minimize sunburn in the hot summer days when your kids (and probably you too) will spend 4 hours+ in the pool. Strong, bright colours are also a great way to keep the pool looking enticing all year round, as is a quality pool pump for those winter months when it’s too cold for you to be scoping leaves out of the pool.

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