How To Do Evening Eye Beautiful Makeup

The makeup for the night is different from the makeup for the day, it tends to be more natural, while for a special occasion or an evening party makeup is more daring, more glamorous and you can play more with the bright colors.

The eyes give us a defined maximally deep and dramatic look. Here we give you tips so you can achieve eye makeup for the night. How To Do Evening Eye beautiful makeup? We May Learn the details.

* First you cleanse your face properly and apply moisturizer, it fixed much makeup for maximum durability and will also make the makeup look better. If you apply to dry skin will certainly make up with unsightly stains.
* Apply on the eyelids a primer to achieve a perfect base for eye shadow. Then apply eye concealer in the area around your eyes and massage it with your fingers so that the product disappears. Always buy yourself tone products close to your skin to make it look as natural as possible. With the spell not only give him a good base to eye makeup but also help hide the bags under the eyes, dark circles, redness and signs of fatigue.
* Use your favorite color shade and contrast to accentuate your eyes. First apply the color of light and works from the eyelids to his forehead, then uses a dark shade in the crease of the eye to create a sensual look. You must make sure that the tones are well mixed, for this a very good option is to use three eyeshadow shades, they mix very well creating an attractive and glamorous result.
* With an eyeliner draw a line as close as possible to the lash line, drawing the natural curve of your eyes. Works starting with the inner corner and see thickening the line as you approach the corner of the eye.
* In the lower eyelid traces the line from the center of the eye out. It also uses makeup to achieve a smoky effect. To achieve a bolder look you can use a liquid eyeliner.
* To add a little more glamour to your look you can use a pen or pink gold with shimmer in the inner corner of eye. Use it as a V in the back of the eye from the bottom up. This will further stress your eyes adding sparkle to your look. It also highlights the eyebrows with the same score in the bone of the face working outwards.
* Finally use an eyelash curler and then apply mascara on both the upper and lower lashes. A good option is to use mascara that gives you volume. This is an important step because the tabs define your eyes.
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