How To Draw A Car: Learn Step-by-step

Car drawing is a great hobby which can be relaxing and fun but challenging at the same time.

Here are the basic instructions for you to learn how to draw a car step by step. Just follow the easy steps and start drawing any car you like from scratch easily. This step by step instructions will not only help you to learn how to draw a car , but also will help you progress your ability and skills faster. You will need a paper, a pencil and an eraser to draw cars.

Step 1 (Decide Which Car To Draw)
The first step of learning how to draw a car will be deciding which car to draw. Since the proportions and other details will vary in different car models, it is better to decide which car to draw in the beginning, so that your drawing will look more realistic.

Step 2 (Draw The Body)
The next step of drawing a car will be drawing the basic shapes which will form the outline of your drawing. Draw lightly so that you can erase your guidelines later with ease.

Here you can use soft pencil to mark the lines where to put the details of your car. As you progress, you are going to erase many of these constructions lines.

You can start with drawing a rectangle and then connect a second rectangle half the size of the first extending up and back from the right side of the first one.

Step 3 (Draw The Roof)
The third step of drawing a car will be adding some more details to the rough image we have created in step 1. Draw three short, straight vertical lines.

the first one to the left of the center top of your first rectangele
the second one to the left of the center of your second rectangle
the third one to the side of the second rectangle
and then connect these three lines at the top.

Step 4 (Draw The Wheels)
You can start adding the wheels in this step. Draw simple rectangles to mark the position of the wheels. Make sure that the upper and lower lines slant upwards. Then add the left front tire.

Step 5 (Specify Hood and Grill)
In this step of learning how to draw a car you can start rounding off the relevant parts of the bodywork like the hood and the grill. This step requires a series of fast and lighter strokes. This is because fast and light lines will add some movement to your drawings and thus looks better. Continue to add light quick lines until you are satisfied with the outline.

Step 6 ( Add Shading)
The next step will be adding the lights, darks and other details to create a good car drawing. You must decide which side sunlight is coming from. Try to shade all the bodywork lightly with the pencil. Add headlights, body details, tires, and grillwork of your choice. Later with the help of a rubber lift out highlights from the grey bodywork. Then add your choice of darkest darks in the wheel arches, under the car and the interior to complete the shadings.

Step 7 ( Add Color)
You can use colored pencils, markers or crayons to add color to your car drawing. If you wish you can use computers to add color to your car drawings.

Learn How to Draw A Car Step By Step
The above instructions on how to draw a car step by step can be applied to all of the car rakes and modes. You should re-arrange your positioning according to the car of your choice. With these steps on how to draw a car step by step outlined above, you can develop your car drawing skills.

Every car drawing work is another step which carries you to become a professional car designer. The more you draw, the more you will be satisfied with your car drawings. For the best instructions on how to draw a car step by step, you can also try How to Draw Cars Fast and Easy e-book pdf guide by Tim Rugendyke.

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