How to Get a Kiss From the Girl You Like on a Date

Imagine you are dating a girl you really like and want to make her your girlfriend. What do you do? The way to bring it to the next level is to kiss her, of course. However, you do not want to risk jeopardizing the whole thing, or worse, get slapped across the face for forcibly kissing her. So what can you do to get her to kiss you? Read on to discover the surefire techniques to get a girl to kiss you, and achieve tremendous results fast…

Tip #1: “Set The Scene”. Do you know that you can ‘induce’ her to kiss you instead? You will need to set the tone and manner of the situation so that she is compelled to kiss you. Playfully tease and flirt with her – and if she responds to your flirting then there is a high chance that she will kiss you.

Tip #2: “Triangular Gaze Method”. Send her subconscious signal by giving her the triangular gaze. First, look at the right eye, then her luscious lips, and then to her left eye. Studies have shown that this indicates the ‘readiness’ to be kissed. Try it – it works like a charm.

Tip #3: “Fractionation”. This is a technique used by master seducers to get women to fall in love with them super quickly. It involves making women go through an emotional roller coaster in a story, and in the process make her get emotionally ‘dependent’ on you. As a result, she becomes very obedient and will do things you ask her to do – including kissing you.

Fractionation is known to be able to get women fall in love in 15 minutes or even less – so it is indeed very controversial because misuse of this technique will result in the creation of women stalkers. Please use this technique responsibly.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning…


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