How To Learn Archery Techniques For Beginners

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Many archers I shoot with (recurve or otherwise) know exactly what it is they are doing wrong, but after years of accumulating bad habits they find it extremely difficult to make major changes to their technique. Often they will ask another club member to watch them shoot – usually to confirm what they usually already know they are doing wrong. I often think that the real solution in these situations is more active coaching, where a coach spends dedicated time helping you get back to basics. Often it is necessary to dismantle a person’s technique before making big changes.


It’s a funny psychological problem. Quite often we feel that we don’t need a coach because – quite correctly – we have already diagnosed what we are doing wrong. The problem lies in the execution: we don’t do what we know we should be doing, and bad habits creep back in. One of the biggest things about having a coach there – for me – is having someone simply point out when I don’t do what I should be doing.


There’s also the psychology of being watched – being coached makes us a lot more self-conscious about what we are doing (if you can’t get anybody to watch you, try videoing yourself). Every time your focus needs to be on executing what you think is the perfect shot – at least in terms of execution – for the video or person watching and judging you.


A big problem of course, is getting access to a qualified coach. Many archery clubs have coaching contacts through GNAS, but if you can’t get a qualified coach ask an experienced archer.


In summary…

If you’re stuck, try taking your sight and long rod off, move closer to the target, and get somebody to at least watch you. With constructive criticism you’ll find it will help your archery, and hopefully you will find it strangely liberating!


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