How to Make a Girl Like You!

Have you ever wished you could woo those gorgeous girls you see regularly meet? I’m sure you’re wishing you could lay your hands on a magic wand that will make the girls “go crazy” over you.

Wishful thinking.

In this article today, I’m going to share with you a secret that will increase your chances with the girls. All you need to do is to change your ways a little and the girls will fall for you.

What’s that secret? Simple. Just understand how attraction works.

A lot of guys do not understand what attraction is all about. They believe that by being nice to women or by “throwing” money around, girls will like you more. Far from it. That is not the way attraction works. Here are a few points you must understand about attraction.

1. Girls do not choose who they want to be attracted to. No. They just find themselves getting attracted to a guy. Most times however, they find themselves getting attracted to confident, funny, arrogant and mysterious guys. That is why jerks can attract gorgeous girls.

2. Regular meetings do not encourage attraction. This is the opposite of what guys think. In reality, giving a woman space, time, leaving her to miss you will increase attraction. If you see a girl everyday at the beginning trying to show how much you like her, your chances of winning her over will be greatly diminished.

Now that you understand these principles, the next thing you should do is to approach your desired girl in an arrogant way, letting her know you’re not like all the other guys that practically worship her. The aim here is just to talk to her and not necessarily to woo her.

Let’s assume you’re at a party and your eyes “meet”, you can walk up to her and say something like this “How do you manage to do that?” She will definitely ask you what you mean. You can then say “You’re looking like you’re trying to seduce me but you’re hitting on the wrong guy”.

She will surely be shocked and possibly angry. Whatever she does, do not apologize. You have succeeded in doing something most guys will never do. That makes you different and that will create attraction.

Try and get her number. If you succeed, leave immediately. You have her details. Do not press further. Just disappear. Be mysterious. You can follow up on her days later.


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