How to Make a Guy to Like You and Love You Like Anything

Has it ever happened that a man catches your eyes and your heart started skipping a beat with excitement? Wouldn’t you then start thinking how to make that guy to like you? It could be around your neighborhood, at work, at school or anywhere. Whatever be the circumstances, you get attracted instantly towards this man and wonder whether he would possibly feel the same if given a chance.

How to make a guy to like you is not something like mission impossible; it is all about what attitude you carry and how badly you want to be with him. Keep on reading if you really want to discover something that really works.

Always remember that a guy has to notice you before liking you. You have to succeed getting his attention first before reading on. You should find enough reasons to be near him, so that he notices you. Join the same club if he attends one and in the process, you can start activities that help you to get out of your comfort zone. This way you can always be near him and sooner or later, he will definitely notice you. Gradually, you will start feeling comfortable with him.

Once you both get comfortable, you can start flirting with him in a friendly and playful way without going overboard. These things might seem little but very essential if you want to make a guy to like you.

He should know that you are always there for him. Find ways to talk to him, call him or text him. The more he leans on you emotionally, stronger will be your bond of friendship. Never expect his trust so soon, instead do anything to earn his trust and never betray his secrets once you have earned.

Finally when he both of you is together, try being a friend first instead of girlfriend. Do not try getting into any other relationship with him initially. This way eventually, you can get closer to him and enjoy moments of friendship, love and intimacy.

I think you have understood that it is not at all a huge issue to make a guy to like you. The instructions and tips that are provided in the web pager and e-books of are according to the psychology and mentality of the people.


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