How to Make a Woman Like You

All you want is to be able to go up to a woman and get her to like you. Chances are your trying to hard and losing every time you take a chance. Every time you fail you train yourself to mix pain with meeting woman. This is simple classical conditioning.

All you need are 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Talk as if she is just a regular acquaintance

A woman does not want to meet someone who acts as if he wants her to like him. Woman don’t like strangers who try to push a relationship on them. They want to meet someone who wants to be friends first (even if it’s just for a few seconds.) You have to make her feel like a friend by breaking from your regular routine. Don’t say hello and complement her smile. Woman know when a man is interested in them and if your not amazingly good looking, this is a horrible way to start with any woman.

Step 2 – Create an Image

After you introduce yourself, most people tell you to talk about her. Wrong!

Your job is to talk about yourself but not just anything. A good woman is interested in learning about your potential. She wants to know if you are a good person and if you will support her down the line. Everyone wants their life to improve so if you tell her about your ambitions she will automatically start putting you in the future with her in a great life. This ads emotion to the relationship in a matter of minutes.

Step 3 – Open Her Up Emotionally

At this point she should be interested and you should have asked her a bit about herself. It’s time to talk about yourself some more. Tell her a story about your passion, your love. Tell her about something that you really love and make her wish you could transfer that passion to her.

A woman listening to your how much love you can offer will create value to her. in the end this woman wants to make sure she is getting something worth her time.

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