How To Make Dreadlocks Hair Step By Step

Apparently most people choose to keep dreads for various reasons ranging from the beliefs that they strongly hold like ones related to politics and religion. Dreads have also come to be considered a fancy style by many and patience is paramount when it comes to growing them as they usually take some time for them to fully grow. Please read on to discover some tips into how you can make dreadlocks hair.

For dreads to grow successfully, it requires an atmosphere like one which is provided for usually by the curly or really kinky hair. Therefore ensuring it has the right texture is very crucial. However, if yours lacks the needed volume, consider home perm as this too helps to create that volume.

Consider taking a one week break from using the conditioner, prior to starting the process. Rinsing your hair with a solution mixture of a tablespoon of vinegar with one quart water should be done on the day you are to make the dreads. The purpose of the solution is to help do away with any residue or buildup that may hinder the process.

Beginning with dry hair, take an inch square of it at the roots and twist it firmly. Hold back the rest by use of clips or rubber bands to enable you to concentrate on one portion at a time. The portion that is twisted needs to be combed back by beginning at the root and going to the ends and back again to the scalp.

When done with combing, use a small quantity of styling wax which is recommended for dreads on each portion and have it twisted once again. With the styling wax, your dreads will be shaped and the locks will remain twisted. Ensure a rounded end for the dreads by putting a rubber band at the end of each dread.

Try to complete the twisting process over your entire head. If time does not allow for you to finish up in a day, you may twist a few portions each day. To get good results, particularly at the back of your head, consider enlisting the help of your friends as this too will help complete the twisting process quickly.

In order to grow dreadlocks hair, you need to be patient and give a chance for the dreads to grow. Carry out regular maintenance of your locks by twisting, combing and waxing. Always use the styling wax products that are specifically meant for this process and whenever you twist, have it made the same way when you re-twist to ensure that the locks do not untwist.

Anyone can learn how to make dreadlocks at home. It may take a little practice and patience. Here are more great dreadlock tips for you:


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