How To Makeup For Evening Social Ocassions

Nowadays communication has been very important to give people a good impression and to your customer relationship. So the makeup is very necessary, for many people who don’t have any make-up ideas or do not know where to start, the following steps is very easy to begin:

1, gaudy makeup and color: As the evening social activities are generally carried out under the lights, and lighting and more soft, hazy and difficult to reveal traces of makeup, but makeup can be more pronounced effect. If the makeup color light, to not show the makeup effects. Therefore, the night was rich and gaudy makeup should be of some, a beautiful eye shadow colors as rich as possible, eyebrows, eye shape, lip may also be appropriate to make some correction to make it even more attractive luster.
2, attention: night make-up, usually for entertainment needs, in a particular environment, it gives make-up creates a pleasant mood and good atmosphere conditions, people can have a fantastic the feeling that this is an excellent display their skills in personal make-up time. Therefore, when the makeup of the night can not exceed the allowed range, give full play to their imagination, to dress even more beautiful, more AIDS force, more compelling.
3, bright and clear: As the evening light weaker than during the day, so makeup during the day than to be of clear, bright and more, or to fail to make-up effects.
Generally divided into the following steps
1. Make-up before the face and neck cream coated with a layer of moisture, in order to play the end of pink-looking.
2. Certainly the end of the powder color depth than you, and then beat with a sponge makeup carefully the end of powder, to evenly cover. If the immediate feel dizzy very dark makeup should be playing before the end of powder coated cover-spot cream.
3. The use of shading and bright colors make-up techniques, will be modified into a face oval . Of course, this is only the use of the phenomenon of human visual illusion it does not really change the person’s face.
4. In the protruding cheekbones, apply a light iridescent light rouge; depression in the cheekbones, the non-pan coated with dark light rouge. In order to look more shiny in the night, you can also protruding cheekbones and some original light-colored iris painted rouge above, plus a layer of white gold eye shadow, to increase the brightness.
5. Painted in some eye shadow on the eyelids and the brow with eye shadow and painted out between the upper eyelid line , and then pale and iridescent eye shadow, bright colors make up the Department brow.
6. In the upper and lower eyelid lash line, color should be deep. Because the dark eyeliner at night to bring out the eyes more bright and Shensui. But be careful not to draw the eye into the second circle, this will make the eyes look smaller. Place above the lower eyelid, use blue eye shadow or eyeliner painted a few strokes.
7. Apply mascara graded. After coating the first layer of mascara, the eyelashes with the eyebrow brush comb to open and remove the excess mascara, and then clear powder, brush the eyelashes, so that brush and then, the color of the brush into the eyebrow.
8. Brush eyebrows. Shaping eyebrows with eyebrow brush first, the stick some gold eye shadow in the eyebrows.
9. Lipstick coated finish, will be painted pearl or gold lipstick on his lips, making lips look more beautiful.
10. With a pale eye shadow in the nose, cheekbones and jaw Department, described the outline of the final; modified with white eye shadow on top of cheeks, nose and chin. You don’t need to think too much if you get a full color palette, very

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