How to Practically Apply Current Boot Trends

Shopping at Newport News and Guess are always good choices for the latest in boot trends. Winter is here and boots are in style once again. There are all types of boots for every women, fashion taste and occasion. The trends change from season to season, however, the times and occasions to wear certain types of boots remain the same.

Shoe Boots

Shoe boots are boots that come just over the ankle and can be fashioned in styles from rugged to upscale and fashionable. This boot trend should can be worn for just about any occasion or situation. If you are planning a day of rugged camping or mountain climbing then a shoes boot with rugged soles and hardy fabric, would be a good bet. These styles can be worn with socks and are usually water proof and protect the feet and ankles from rugged terrain.

However shoe boots are also very classy and this boot trend has been seen on the red carpet. For formal occasions, you’ll want to choose a shoe boot that is fitted quite well and the heel and fabric of your choice. You’ll want to match the shoe boot up with your outfit as well. If you’re wearing a formal dress, there are shoe boots with embellishments that are sure to please. However if you will wear a formal pants suit, your shoe boots can be a little less dazzling. Either way this boot trend goes a long way and is just right for a variety of occasions. The shoe boot can have a low or high heel depending on the style.

Knee-high Boots

The over the knee trend can be worn by women of all ages, you just have to make sure that the outfit you pair this fashion trend with is on point for your age group. Younger women can wear over the knee boots with mini skirts and shirt dresses. Middle aged women can rock the over the knee boots with a tunic and the re-vamped leggings that are all the rage again. Older women can wear over the knee boots with a longer tunic as well and some textured leggings. A best bet for older women would be to don a pair of skinny jeans with the over the knee look. Again this trend should not simply be for the young, but the young at heart can wear this boot trend as well.  The over the knee boot can also have a low or high heel depending on the style.

High Heeled Dress Boots

These boots are just what the name implies and are made to be paired with a dress or formal wear for a special occasion. The boots can also be worn with a more casual outfits, but this trend is always great for a more stylish occasions. The high heel styled boots are also just as nice when you have them on with pants or a dress. Make sure that if you are wearing the high heeled style in bad weather that you are careful to walk slowly.



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