How to Stop a Divorce and Put Your Marriage on the Right Track

No matter for how long you have been married, a divorce is always a painful experience. More so, if you still love your partner and want to revive the marriage desperately. But do you know how to stop a divorce? Is it possible at all? Would your marriage ever see sunlight again? Can you make your partner love you again, when so much dirty water has flown under the bridge? The good news is that you can actually stop a divorce and put your marriage on the right track – provided you know why the situation has landed where it has.

We all know that the decision to divorce one’s life partner is usually not taken overnight. However callous or insensitive a person may be, the intention to divorce is catapulted by certain factors like breach of trust, infidelity, complete lack of love and respect for each other, and so on. The important thing to remember here is that a divorce decision is taken only when one of the partners is pushed against the wall and not before that. The most common reason why a person wants a divorce is infidelity, where the biggest casualty is loss of implicit trust which bonded the two of you.

If you want to know how to stop a divorce, and the reason for reaching such finality has been identified as a breach of trust, here are some tips to recover the situation, quickly and effectively:

• Admission of guilt by the errant partner.

• Sincere apology by the errant partner for causing hurt and pain, followed by honest promise not to repeat such actions in future.

• Unconditional forgiveness by the suffering partner.

• Both of you ought to take a pledge not to rake up the past, ever, and completely ignore the incident of infidelity.

While the above tips may soothe the frayed nerves and calm the agitated minds, remember, that you may know how to stop a divorce, but you still have to work double time to put your marriage together. The process is extremely labor intensive and time consuming to bridge the gaping hole caused by infidelity. To repair a bruised ego, calm a hurt mind and revive the lost trust, takes enormous amount of time and patience. Even then, the dent may still show once in a while.

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