How to Use Concealer

There are many options women have when it comes to using cosmetics to complement their skin and face.  Concealer, when used properly is a fantastic addition to your make up kit, to help cover and hide any unwanted blemishes, dark spots or other imperfections.

Concealer can be used in different areas and perform different functions.  It is most commonly used beneath liquid of powder foundation, but can also be used alone, as long as it is well blended.

For hiding dark circles under the eyes, choose a lighter cover up.  A shade or two lighter than your natural skin colour or your foundation will greatly reduce the dark shadows, making them almost invisible.  The same holds true for dark spots or freckles.  As a rule, when you are trying to camouflage dark pigmented areas, choose a slightly lighter colour of concealer.  

Blemishes, acne and other imperfections, should be covered using a shade that is one or two degrees darker than your foundation or natural complexion.  Darkness detracts light and reduces the appearance  of the blemish.  Blending is important to properly mask the imperfection, whether with your natural skin tone or with foundation.  

Wrinkles and fine lines don’t benefit from concealer, and in fact, the use of cover up can actually increase the look of lines.  

Other skin perfecting formulas include base make-up that can be applied under foundation to even out the tone and lighting in your skin.  For example, if you notice that in pictures your skin appears yellowish, using a base that is formulated for yellow skin tones will improve the tone and colour.  Different formulas are used for different problems, such as excessive redness, yellowness or even an overabundance of pink hues in the skin.

Using cover ups and concealers takes a little practice, but once you’ve master the techniques, you’ll never leave your house looking anything other than flawless and fabulous.

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