How to Win Back My Girlfriend – 3 Easy Steps to Put You on the Right Path

Hey guys, have you been dumped lately by the woman you love? It hurts, doesn’t it? One moment, you thought everything was going just fine, the next minute, it’s like someone punched you in the gut. You want to know “how to win back my girlfriend”, but don’t know which way to turn.

Take heart! Your not the first guy this has happened to. Even though it feels like you’re at a low point, you will climb out of this and be able to move on. Also, there is a very good chance you will be able to learn “how to win back my girlfriend” if you follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Give her some space

The first step to “how to win back my girlfriend” is to give her some space. Immediately after a break up, it is never a good idea to call her up constantly and beg her to come back. You will only seem desperate, which will make you even less attractive to her. No, you’ve got to give her space and limit contact with her for a while.

2. Get yourself right

The next step to “how to win back my girlfriend” is to start addressing the issues within yourself that led to the break up. Be honest with yourself! What did you do to drive her away? Many women leave relationships cause they don’t feel appreciated. Did you fall into this trap of taking her for granted? Maybe you need to work on cleaning yourself up physically or losing a few pounds. Whatever you need to fix, take advantage of this time apart from her to get that done.

3. Live your life again

This may be the toughest step, but you can do it. The third step to “how to win back my girlfriend” is to get out and live a normal life again. I know it’s easy to sit around the house depressed about what happened. You can do this for a few days, but at some point you’ve got to get back out and enjoy your life. Spend time with friends and do some things that interest you. This will show her that you are coping well in spite of the break up.

After you follow these 3 steps to how to win back my girlfriend, you should have her in prime position to come back. Some time will have passed (like a month or so), and she will be missing you. Now it’s time to call her up for a casual get together-like just going out to lunch. This will be the beginning of rebuilding the relationship. Now, make sure you have a proven plan for the next phase of your strategy to get her back. Learn all you need to know at


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