Learn How to Make Roman Blinds Step by Step

Those who are looking for style along with simplicity prefer Roman blinds as their window coverings. Either you choose Roman blinds as a sole window treatment or you combine it with swag or valence, it will look equally good considering your interior and the complementary style. If you want to save more money or want to put your creativity into the window treatment, you can learn how to make Roman blinds easily. For making Roman blinds you need to buy the materials required and along with the fabric you need plastic rings or tape and few more essential things that are required during the process.

If you want to make the window blinds for yourself, you should choose a lightweight material for the purpose. You will require purchasing the lining material along with that. While taking the measurement add 2 inches for the seam on all sides. You need to cut the lining and the fabric according to the measurement, put them flat and pin them together so that they remain attached and do not slip either way. Stitch them together leaving one inch from the edge both on the sides and the bottom.

Now you can remove the pin and turn the fabric in such a way that the right side is upwards and now press the fabric so that it gets free of any wrinkles that might have appeared during the stitching of the material. Now you need to pin it all over again so that they remain in proper place. Now divide the blind into equal sections and stitch them carefully keeping the measurement and style intact. After cutting and stitching them fold the raw edge in and turn the fabric so that the right side is again on the upper side. Stitch them finally with the tape on the back taking care that that the line goes up from top to bottom.

So after you learn how to make Roman blinds you can hang the shades on the window so that it falls properly and looks good too. You have to take care while stitching that the lining and the fabric is properly attached and there is no wrinkle on the fabric because that will spoil the whole thing. If you take proper care and your finishing is good, then you can have the unique Roman blinds that have the touch of your imagination and creativity as well.

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