Learn to Strut Like a Catwalk Model

Do you want to strut your stuff and look sexy when you walk around town? If this is the case you too can develop a walk like a model on a catwalk. You must follow the steps and practice it to perfection.

Check out a few TV programs about fashion and research the topic. Research some of the best model walks before picking one for yourself. You should view a fashion show to understand how the models walk to enhance both the clothing and their own style of presentation.

Have confidence. Getting in touch with your inner siren is the first step in getting started. Know that you are desirable and beautiful. In the absence of this confidence, your walk would not have the model attitude.

Heels are the way to go. Models walking the runway display their greatest assets when wearing very high skyscraper heels. You should try to wear the highest heels your feet can handle. Though a two or three inch heel may seem paltry, the height and definition given to the calves makes for a very desirable outcome.

Practice your posture until perfect. You can see a lot about a person’s attitude by looking at their body language, or posture. If you lack self-confidence, then your slouching posture will manifest itself in your stride. Hold your head up high, walk tall, and make sure to pull your shoulders back in order to project model confidence and appeal.

Direction in your tread. Show purpose when walking the runway by widening your normal stride. Doing this communicates strength and confidence.

Walk boldly. Keep your posture erect, your feet flexed in high heels, then pick up your legs high for every step. In order to get the optimal results, you want to look like you are walking the straight and narrow by centering your body into each step your foot takes. You can use this foot position to get that sexy, elegant catwalk that exaggerates the length of your legs and pulls attention to your moving hips.

Fill in your individual style. Use your favorite model as a guide, but don’t exactly imitate your model. Add your own sense of style. In case you are petite, think of utilizing the position of your arms (up in the air, placed on the hip, or one of many other poses). This will not only accentuate fine bones, but it will add the illusion of height. With a confident glance and a passionate smile, you will let them know who you are.

You will need to practice your model stride. Only one session will not be enough to nail down your strut. Daily practice and hard work is required to strut like a catwalk model.

You will be able to walk like a catwalk model if you go along with these steps and get your head in the game. Don’t forget to practice your stride as well as your attitude and you will be ready to hit the runway soon.

Jacquie Generra writes about Women’s and other Fashion & Personal Care for HowToDoThings.com.


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