Life After 50, Three Tips on Building a Strong Physical Foundation

Creating the type of life we envision after 50 and beyond takes a little more then sitting back and hoping for the best. Playing a game of healthcare lottery, hoping we do not succumb to chronic diseases, or other crippling malady is not in your best interest. Nothing improves until you take action. Listed are three tips to get you pointed in the right direction and, to take charge of your final fitness destination in your retirement years.

1. Visualize Success: As you have heard or read you will not get to where you re going until you see it first in your minds eye. See it first then the body will follow. See the type of health you wish to have as you age. The idea that as you age you break down does not have to be that way unless you prescribe to that train of thought. So first get into the right mindset that you can overcome and that you will achieve the physical goals that you wish to have by eating right and exercise.

2. Begin a Strength Training Regimen: Strength training with weights whether it is with tubes, dumbbells, or barbells are the only way to get stronger. You can use body weight exercises as well but the idea is work with resistance to build and strengthen muscle. The quality of muscle you develop will depend on how hard you work and your dedication to staying out of the healthcare system. Walking around the block with friends talking about last nights reality show will not get you where you want to be. Focus and desire will get you want.

3. Eating the Right Foods: That could take pages on what eating the right foods mean. To keep it as simple as possible, eat lean protein sources like chicken without the skin and fish for example. There are other sources of lean proteins as well. Protein consumption will be key. Eating Carbohydrates is a good thing. If you expect to get stronger you need to consume those complex Carbs. green vegetables, beans, brown rice are just three sources of complex carbs that build muscle. Your diet will make you or break you.

As we age it should be each ones responsibility to keep our physical abilities as fines tuned as possible. Having to depend on someone else because we failed to take the initiative to stay healthy is not a good idea. Too many of us are planning our futures with little regard to our health. Your health will be the wild card in your future.

Richard Haynes PTA/CPT
Punta Gorda, Florida.


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