Make a Guy Chase You – You Don’t Have to Look Like a Model!

Would you like to make a guy chase you instead of the other way around? Do you think that you have to look like a model in order to get someone interested in you? Would you like someone to think that you are terrific? You can do these things and you can make a guy chase you! Read on to find out how…

Men like to let a woman do most of the things within the relationship. Why? Because much like women, guys are afraid of rejection. They also shy away from relationship maintenance because some men feel as though it is not manly for them to participate. However, you can make a guy chase you by appealing his basic instincts-the hunter’s instincts.

At their core, men are natural hunters. You can use this knowledge to your advantage. You have to make him think that he is missing out on something wonderful and that by “catching” you he has won a great prize. He will have, of course, because he will have won you!

Don’t always be available to him. Guys take you for granted when you are always there. Instead, give him something to miss. Stay busy and take your time with other things. When you are around him, however, pour on the charm and make him feel as though he is the only man in the room. He will want you coming back after that.

Also, keep some mystery about yourself. This will drive him crazy. He will spend his time wondering what you are really like. Reveal parts about yourself a little at a time and let him think that he is the only person you have ever told these things to.

By doing these things, you can make a guy chase you. He just has to feel as though he is the one putting in the work and pursuing you, even though you are the one that is giving him a challenge.

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