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About Make up artist career

The life of a makeup fashion artist is varied and exciting – and challenging at times!  If you work in television or fashion, you might have a 3 AM call one day to get models ready for a photo shoot, followed by 10-12 hours of work that same day.  Or sometimes it’s an easy 10AM call, shoot for a few hours and then you are done.  If you are making up a celebrity for a TV show or movie premiere, you will go to their homes to make them up.  You might also meet with fashion designers to design a makeup look that coordinates with their latest collection for a runway show.  One thing you can be sure of: it’s never a boring job!

One of the best (and sometimes worst) parts of the job is getting to work with people all day.  You will make friends and professional connections constantly due to the nature of the job.  Sometimes, of course, the people you work with will be difficult or rude.  Sometimes you yourself are tired from a very long shoot and have to remember to be positive and help keep everyone’s spirits up and working well.

You will be working with teams most of the time.  For example, on a television show, there will probably be a makeup supervisor, other makeup fashion artists, hairstylists, costume designers, and the director, all of whom you will need to work with as part of your job.  There may also be daily workers who come in occasionally to help where extra staff are needed.

Once you’ve applied the makeup for a shoot, show, or movie, your day isn’t over.  You will have to maintain the makeup and prepare the next group of people for the next scene or event, and clean up those who have finished for the day.  You will also need to plan for the next day’s events and prepare whatever materials will be needed.

If you have your own makeup fashion business, working on clients in your own neighborhood, you will have more control over where and when you work.  However, whenever you are not working, you’ll be marketing your business, so you can still expect to be busy!

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