Makeup: 10 products and Makeup tools needed

Mascara, kohl, brushes, eyeshadow bold eyeshadows short, compact powder or loose powder, mineral powder, makeup base … STOP! You are lost among all the beauty products available on the market? You do not know how to paddle you turn? You want to compose a database of tools and products with which you can make a daytime look like a makeup tools party? Hop, follow the guide!

It’s enough to lose his Latin makeup ray: so many products, so many brands and so many tools are available …

Whether you have a budget XXS or the desire to have the bare minimum necessary to achieve a Makeup Day or evening makeup. Cosmo asked a makeup artist for you to select 10 products and tools we can not do without.

In your makeup kitIt is imperative you:

A foundation: Always choose the correct tone of your complexion! Many choose their foundation a bit darker than their skin tone because they mistakenly believe that the color gives them good looks. This is WRONG! A foundation too dark mark your features and makes a nasty boundary between the face and neck. Not to mention the effect “duck” … Not sure about the color of foundation that would suit you? Visit our directory “a perfect foundation” !

A Matifying Compact Powder : it sets the beautiful makeup. The choice in compact format allows you to keep with you for possible alterations in days.

A eyeshadow clear and Dark eyeshadow : they are chosen in the same color harmony. For example: beige and brown for warm colors suited to dark skin or light pink and plum for fair skin. By day, you can use the lighter shade, which accentuates the eyeshadow on darker evenings.

A black mascara : simple, effective, indispensable.
A Black kohl pencil : ditto!

A Clear gloss : he dresses the lips and goes with everything, whether day or night!

A land of sun : It replaces the blush and adds a healthy glow.
A brush “ball” to break down and blur the eyeshadow.

A brush “blush flat” to implement the land of sun.

With these 10 products and tools, faith Cosmo: you will be able to make up any day or evening.

Pictured from left to right:

– Makeup HD
– Brush ball No. 14S
– Crayon Khol
– Smoky Lash Mascara
– Glossy Lip Gloss Pink full costs
– Blush Brush No. 20S
– Velvet Finish Compact Powder Mattifying
– Earth Mat Bronze Sunglasses

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