Makeup Trends for Spring

What sort of makeup goes best with Spring/Summer’s bright silk dresses? Take a look at Versace’s creations. Gorgeous silk dresses in bright colors that flow beautifully over the female figure. The brainchild of Donatella Versace. You might expect that to go with the new nude look. It might.

Overall, the look for spring 2006 is fresh and colorful with an emphasis on lashes and gel liners, either worn thin and crisp or thicker at the end of the eye, smudging to a halt. The real skin look is still being respected too- that slightly over powdered look has been tossed in a shoe box and is now sitting on a shelf somewhere.

Spring makeup tips are an important part of maintaining healthy skin. Spring is a time for renewal in nature and in your skin. As you look for ways to improve your skin quality during these early months, remember that less is more. Loading your face down with too much makeup will only have it unhealthy and dull looking for the upcoming summer months.

Welcome spring by shedding your tall boots and parka in favor of lighter, brighter fashions, and beauty products with sheer and shimmer. After all, spring is the prelude to the easy breezy days of summer, and what better way to get into the mood than by re-stocking your closet with lightweight and colorful essentials.

Be sure to book your appointment in advance with the Prom makeup artist of your choice. Let the artist know what you want to do, take a sample pulled out of a magazine. Remember your look should be a polished version of yourself. With these Prom makeup tips, you are better prepared to decide what will make your natural beauty outshine.

The arrival of spring brings more hours of sunlight and the glow of the new season. Barbara Harrington, Independent Distributor with SeneGence International® SenseCosmetics, has some special skin tips to get you out of winter’s gloom and into radiant, fresh skin for spring.

Spring is definitely the season of renewal and the time to revitalize your skin and refresh your skin care regimen to achieve the glowing fresh look.

The 2010 spring trend has already arrived whether you have noticed it from talk shows such as Oprah, Martha Stewart or even Tyra, the new savvy trend is present. The new lavish styles range from young ladies fashion to plus size women clothing.

Clothing manufacturers design their seasonal lines according to a predetermined color scheme. Ever wonder why all the stores seem to carry similar colors each season? Many designers use the color direction provided by the Color Marketing Group. The Color Marketing Group forecasts color trends for manufactured products.

There’s nothing more exciting than spring fashion. Sorry, fall just doesn’t do it for me. Spring is always fresh and bright. For me, it’s just as simple as that. Plus, this year’s trends are fun, sexy and comfortable. Seriously, what more can a girl ask for? There’s dozens of looks to go for and each one works for just about anyone.

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