Making a career in make-up

If you have a penchant for make-up shopping, and get a kick out of picking that perfect eye shadow or lipstick colour, then perhaps you have an exciting career in make-up artistry ahead of you. For some women, the process of putting on make-up – or even the feel of it on their skin – is uncomfortable. For others, applying make-up is an enjoyable experience and a skill to be constantly improved and perfected. If you fit into the latter category, and have a love and appreciation for cosmetics, then working in the make-up field professionally can be an exciting, rewarding and creative experience.

The beauty sector has many different roles for those with an appreciation of make-up. For those with an interest in a career in make-up artistry, there are a number of different markets that frequently call on the skills of make-up artists.

Who employs make-up artists?

Film, television and theatre industries. The harsh and unnatural lighting used by the movie and television industry makes make-up a necessity during the filming process. The crucial role make-up artists play in this industry, therefore, results in a number of on-set make-up artistry roles. If you like to get creative with your make-up, consider specialising in special effects make-up for major blockbusters.

Fashion designers and photographers. When breathtaking models walk down the runway with striking make-up, they haven’t done it themselves. It’s the work of a creative and skilled make-up artist working behind the scenes! Make-up artists are an essential element of the fashion industry – on the runway and in fashion photography. Fashion make-up artistry is also another cosmetic role that can call on artists to get a little creative.

Department stores and make-up brands. Most department stores and make-up brands offer customers the option of getting their make-up professionally applied by their staff. Retail make-up artists will be required to have a good knowledge of their products, and be able to recommend day to day make-up that is appropriate and suited to a variety of different customer skin types and tones. Store make-up artistry allows you access to a wide range of products, and a diverse customer base.

Bridal parties and other special occasions. When it comes to weddings and other formal occasions, many women elect to get their make-up applied for them professionally. Bridal make-up artistry can be a way for those with another career who have an interest in cosmetics to work in the industry. Because weddings and other special occasions usually fall on the weekend, it is a perfect part-time or freelance job.

If you’d like to work in the exciting field of make-up artistry, then there are a number of make-up courses available to teach you the necessarily skills and industry know-how to create a successful career in this industry. If you’re worried about the time it will take to learn a new skill, make-up courses can be taken via distance education, and will draw on the skills you’ve already perfected through your day to day make-up use.

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