Marathons For Beginners

Joining a marathon is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you can ever make in your life. A marathon is a test of power, speed, and most of all endurance. You must fully realize that you cannot complete or at the least begin a marathon if you are not well prepared. So what are the things you need to consider before joining one?

While marathons are usually run by life-long runners, the race is not limited to pros. If you are interested to join such a challenging event, don’t hesitate to do so. All you need is to consult your doctor first and check whether you are in perfect shape for a race that requires endurance. And don’t forget the four months training recommended for amateurs.

When choosing for a race type you would want to join, consider the one ideal for your level. Since you are a beginner, a perfect marathon type for you is the half marathon which covers a distance of 21.2 kilometers. In addition, decide on a training plan that will best suit the marathon type of your choice. An ideal training plan will allow you to train 4 days a week, leaving the rest of the week as your rest period.

As you begin your training, aim at working out your abdominal muscles and the muscles in your lower back. Along with it, target your glutes as well. You will need these muscle groups the most during the race. If in any case you have a history of an injury, don’t hesitate to inquire with your specialist on how you can train and run without risking the injured area.

The pair of shoes you are going to run with during the big day will determine whether you are going to finish effectively or not. Choose only the best brand and type of shoes engineered to let you run with balance and stability. Proper cushioning will also help you avoid foot injuries while running the race.

While runners are supposed to run in order to win, most people who join marathons are just there for the sake of running. With all the benefits you can get from running, who wouldn’t try it in the first place? So the first time you run this big event, run not only for the win but most of all for the fun and benefit of it.

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