Mineral Foundation – Here to Stay!

Made of finely crushed, high-pigment minerals, mineral foundation is entirely free from any potentially harmful artificial ingredients, from talcum to preservatives, and from fragrances to dyes. There are no cheap ‘fillers’ to bulk out these products.

Because it is such a wonderfully natural product, it is ideal for skin which is damaged or prone to acne and other problems, and great for covering up redness and other discolouration or blemishes. It is also perfect for use on sensitive complexions and for soothing irritations, and if you are allergic to other cosmetics, mineral-based make-up is a safe bet.

It won’t block your pores, allows skin to breathe, and even has built-in sun protection. If your skin tends to be dry, the minerals trap moisture and help keep your skin hydrated.

These cosmetics give crease-free coverage all day long, and you won’t have to worry about it fading or wearing off. However, if you want to be absolutely sure it stays in place, you can use a mineral-based face powder to set and fix the foundation. When you do want to remove your foundation, a mineral one will clean away easily.

When you are applying mineral foundation, it goes best on top of recently and thoroughly cleansed skin, free from oils and other impurities. It also sits best on top of a well-moisturised complexion. Remember to allow your moisturiser to soak into your skin first – this will make it easier for the foundation to blend in.

You can build up layers of this make-up until you have achieved the level of coverage you want. Try and use a brush made from natural materials rather than a harsh, synthetic one.

As with traditional varieties, mineral foundations come in various forms – loose, pressed or liquid. Each one requires slightly different application techniques, and will suit different skin types. If your skin is prone to enlarged pores and is quite oily, for example, you might want to go for a pressed rather than a loose product,

To apply loose foundation, the purest form of these mineral products, swirl a brush to pick up the minerals. With gentle, circular motions brush them onto your face. Start at the centre and work outwards. Buffing with the brush will bring out the qualities of the minerals and give an even application.

A pressed mineral foundation should be applied with a sponge. Wipe it over the pressed minerals and distribute evenly. If you have applied too much, keep spreading it over your face until all lines disappear completely.

You can apply liquid foundation with a sponge or your fingertips. A sponge will give you greater control and a smoother application, but you will use more of the cosmetic. Put a little foundation on a make-up sponge and start applying it to the centre of your face, slowly spreading outwards. Make sure everything is evenly applied and that there are no patches.

Few cosmetics are more natural, versatile or user-friendly than mineral foundation. Look online for some great deals on this product and order yours today.


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