Pick Up Artist Tips – Catch and Release

This is one of the simplest but most powerful methods for any pick up artist to make themselves the prize for a woman. If you don’t know about ‘prizing’ you must have been under a rock for a while or maybe even all of your life!

The trick to picking up women lies largely in understanding the (dark) art of getting women to pick you up. Sure it takes two to tango but a seasoned pick up artist knows that he just works his target into picking him up. He does this by making her want him enough for him to become the ‘prize’.

So how does the catch and release method make this happen? Well the catch and release method is really simple once you have mastered the basics of openings, body language, conversation and flirting. If you’ve done your homework, you will be able to spark up a good conversation leading to a little flirtation with your target. There will come a point in this conversation when the logical next step is to get her number or even ask her out for a date. It is at this point that you have completed the catch and now it is time for the release.

You have to make your excuses and leave. The poor mark will wonder what the heck just happened. After all she has just met a really nice guy who is funny, confident and good at conversation and flirting; everything was going so well, why did he leave? Why didn’t he ask me for my number? etc. etc.

When you drop her though, (now this is a bit of a personal choice and dependent on your situation) let her think you will catch up with her again. Tell her you’ll try to speak to her later.

Did you see what you did? You made yourself superior to her. Nonchalant, aloof and out of reach. You just made yourself a prize for her to hunt and work for.

So the secret about getting women to pick you up is all about making yourself the prize and the catch and release is a cracking way of making that happen.

Now if you find yourself in a position where you can catch and release several girls in one night, not only will you have individually turned yourself into a prize for each of them but they will all see you flirting with the others, adding to your prize value – you will have gone from “prix” to “grand prix” and are certain of a great night (or several slaps in the face). Either way, it’ll be fun!

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